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'Opening to Stillness'

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An Afternoon of Restorative Yoga

with Cath Slomka

Sunday 30th January 2022


At Planet Yoga


‘Opening to Stillness’ - An Afternoon of Restorative Yoga

Set yourself one important goal this January:

to give yourself more time out to relax fully and completely and to experience yourself in stillness a little more.

It will be one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

Rest, is as important as exercise and diet and we generally don’t get enough of it from sleep!

Join me for a deliciously restful afternoon of restorative yoga which helps us do just that - relax fully and completely. Using the supportive prop held postures to drop from your mind into your body and to naturally open to stillness.

A practice that will:



We’ll finish our practice with Yoga Nidra - a deep relaxation technique which slows your brain waves down to a frequency that promotes healing and is scientifically proven to reduce stress.

Come rest yourself for yourself!

NB All props are provided but please do bring with you 2 x blankets and a cushion for your extra comfort. 

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