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'A Call to Rest'

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An Afternoon of Restorative Yoga

with Cath Slomka

 Sat 7th October 2023


At Planet Yoga

‘A Call to Rest’
Do you hear it?

As we come to an end of a busy summer period we should prioritise rest, reflection and appreciation of all the hard work we have done so far this year.

Allow life to just pause for an afternoon whilst you breath deeply, release held tension and stress and tend and befriend yourself in this nurturing and soothing way.

What exactly is an afternoon of restorative yoga?

A sequence of floor based postures supported by an abundance of props, designed to melt away tension and stress. Blended together with breath work, mini mindfulness meditations to help you just ‘be’ present in the moment.

This practice will help you down regulate your nervous system from its overactive stress response and into the calm relaxation response, promoting a quietness inside that is profound and deeply nourishing on so many levels.

We’ll finish with Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique thought to allow access into the sub conscious mind where we can release old thinking habits, self limiting beliefs and develop a new narrative for ourselves of how we want to live our lives.

We look forward to welcoming you! 

Come rest yourself for yourself!

All props are provided but please do bring with you 2 x blankets and a cushion for your extra comfort. 

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