An evening of heart and voice-opening celebration with Antarma
Planet Yoga

An evening of heart and voice-opening celebration with Antarma

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Come and join us for this very special evening at Planet Yoga - an evening that will spread joy, love and uplifting energy ! 
Opening with a Universal Peace Meditation, Antarma guides us through an evening of heart and voice-opening celebration from gentle guitar to hip-hop, reggae and soul, to powerful African Brazilian djembe rhythms with ancient Indian Sanskrit mantra and Amazonian rainforest chants! We will come together as one!
Spaces are limited for this event and refreshments will be available. 
Antarma leads Mantra and Meditation sessions with blessings of his Guru in India. His journey started 17 years ago at age 13, when he started to practice mantra yoga and meditation. 
Over the years he has been deeply influenced from various different Sacred traditions from all over the Globe, including
Amazonian,Taoist, African and Sufi traditions.
Connecting with the rich wisdom love music chants prayer ceremony and ways of Connecting to the Infinite that each of these unique paths integrate. Growing and being involved in many different ways while seeing the Unity in diversity. 
The One Love One essence in all life, beyond borders, beyond labels.
After all of the searching study and practice, everything made perfect sense in 2013 after having direct Guidance of realised master in the Sanatana Dharma of Indian Lineage that traces back many thousands of years to the origins of Mantra and Kundalini Yoga. 
His practice under the Guidance of his Teacher continues and the grace that comes through that is also shared through his music that touches many hearts.