Be conscious Be connected Yoga Workshop with Gong Bath
Planet Yoga

Be conscious Be connected Yoga Workshop with Gong Bath

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Join us for a workshop with

Dianne Atherton

Saturday 19th January 12:30 - 3pm

at Planet Yoga 

During this workshop we will practice and understand the benefits of Pranayama, one of the most important practices in all forms of Yoga. 

By practicing Pranayama, the Yogi is able to control the central nervous system and thereby obtains gradual control over prana or vital energy and the mind. 

To breathe means to live and to live means to breathe. Every living thing depends upon breathing and cessation of the breathing is cessation of life itself. 

Yogis count life not by number of years but numbers of breath. Once we find control of the breath we begin to be in control of the mind and become conscious and connected to the Self. 

The workshop will be based on the ancient sequence of Swami Sivananda a practice of Breath, Movement and Meditation using a sequence of Asana's to balance the 7 main chakras in the body. 

We will also use the power of Mantra to come out of the busy mind and into the heart, were we find complete bliss and connection to our true self the Soul. 

This mindful practice will allow you to come into a peaceful Meditation at the end of the workshop along with a sound bath from the singing bowls and Gong bath we will experience a natural high vibration which will eliminate any negative energies or emotions that do not serve you

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