Breath work, yoga and sound healing
Planet Yoga

Breath work, yoga and sound healing

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Sunday 8th December 2-4.30pm

Hosted by Dianne Atherton 

At Planet Yoga 

Using ancient Pranayama (breathing techniques) to release unwanted stored up emotions,providing healing at the physical, mental and emotional level.

The breath provides the means for us to get in touch with our feelings and needs. Once we know what our inner needs are, we can be in a position for personal development.

From an early age we are taught how we should behave, what we should and shouldn’t be feeling. This results in us suppressing, denying or exaggerating our emotions.

Breath work begins to unravel this process. Letting us see and feel our emotions/needs as they arise.

Using deep Yoga stretches will allow you to connect to you body and release any physical tension. Leaving you in a relaxed state for the Sound healing meditation led by the Gong.

We will finish up setting positive intentions for 2020 letting go of anything that does not serve you and anything that you may be holding on from 2019. Leaving with your own personal Mantra to practise for 40 days. 

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