Celestial Sound Journey
Planet Yoga

Celestial Sound Journey

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Saturday 27th January 15:30 - 17:00 at Planet Yoga

You are invited to a beautiful afternoon of Meditation and Sound Healing - a space to release, re-set and receive.

The intention of this gathering is to provide a sanctuary to deeply relax & let go of what is no longer serving you.

You will lie down and be bathed in pure tones of a wide range of instruments from around the world including, drum, Gongs,singing bowls and the power of voice.. Have just bought a new 'Venus' Gong so you are in for a treat.

The sound flows through the body like a wave supporting the release of stuck and discordant energy. As the energy releases you will feel a deeper connection to your self, feel peace, harmony and well being in mind, body and spirit. 

These sessions are deeply supportive to release blockages, emotions, thoughts that are not serving you, shift your vibration, uplift your potentials and in turn open new doorways of opportunity in your life.

An afternoon of self care and self Love.

Please bring blankets and cushions to nest as the temperature may drop during sound bath. Also some water to drink.

Look forward to sharing with you all. xx

About Maria is qualified sound therapist, trained with Tim Wheater Maria has some training in counselling and has worked in mental health co facilitating groups as well as supporting the homeless. She is a published poet and had a book of poetry published in 2012. She is now weaving her poetry into more meditative poems for sound journeys.