Chi Gung  -The Energy Advantage
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Chi Gung -The Energy Advantage

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Chi Gung Workshop
Saturday 14th September 
2 - 4pm
At Planet Yoga 

Chi Gung is a tool for personal mastery providing tools for physical, emotional and mental healing and increased well being.

In this 2 hour workshop you will be given the tools to master your own energy system and therefore take control of the direction of your life and destiny.

Chi Gung is a form of moving energy meditation, designed to raise the vibration of the body and mind through the use of life force energy known as Chi in China, Prana in India and Ki in Japan .

Chi (energy) Gung (work) is a series of flowing movements that allow us to travel deep into our own body, these movements are said to have been the foundation which Tai Chi was built on.

Through these practices we start to see that many of us don’t realise our full potential in life, that we are running out a programme within our own emotions and mind. We are often held hostage to our past conditioning, our familiar thought patterns, our conditioned energy levels and our trained emotional responses to life.

In these ancient systems though is the opportunity for personal mastery and our own individual awakening, as we take back control of our mind, body and emotional responses.


Graeme Waterfield is a full time Tai Chi, Chi Gung and Yoga teacher. He has been offering workshops and classes for over 15 years in and around Merseyside.


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