Meditation, Self Care & Empowerment with Martin
Planet Yoga

Meditation, Self Care & Empowerment with Martin

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Meditation Seminar

Sat 16th - Sun 17th March

1pm -6pm 

Planet Yoga

This 2 day, 10 hour process is an opportunity to be inspired, elevated and educated towards your deepest potential. We will journey together and build a meditation practice, a solid inner structure which will empower you to understand your mind-set and break free from limitations.

Using simple techniques that we can apply to our personal practice and our day to day circumstances, we strengthen the muscles of awareness and learn what meditation really is and why this age old, timeless practice will serve you and your well being for a better more happy existence.

 During this 2 day seminar you will:

  • Find the sweet spot of the present moment
  • Cultivate many positive behaviours
  • Find inner stillness
  • Learn how to create space
  • Open your heart
  • Develop your attention as a skill
  • Upgrade your subconscious
  • Improve your mental fitness

 Martin will take you on a journey or rich information and direct experience. His direct yet soft approach will help you learn how to integrate your process into everyday life situations. Martin has taught over 300 people how to meditate over the last 2 years and has a passion to teach others about human behaviour, self-love and untapped potential using meditation.

The process is easy to digest and, fun and educational.

It will be a relaxed seminar with opportunities for question & answer and direct experience.

You will leave this process having experienced powerful and profound shifts. Many, many students that Martin has worked with have literally reported positive and everlasting change in their mind-set and their personal & professional endeavors.

The tools & techniques you will take away will serve you in every aspect of life. And more, there will be a 30 day accountability process to cultivate a new healthy habit for the practice.

Its time for an upgrade, its time to invest in your health, your mental health.

Say yes and invest in YOU !

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