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'Resting in Being'

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An Afternoon of Restorative Yoga

with Cath Slomka

Saturday 21st January  2023
1.30-4.30pm At Planet Yoga

Let this year be the start of something new - to prioritise your REST.

Why? Because when we are more rested every aspect of our life improves:

🌱 Our health & well-being
🌱 Our joy & presence
🌱 Our work & productivity,
🌱 Our relationships & romance
🌱 Our sleep & energy
🌱 Our motivation & exercise.

In Restorative Yoga we use an abundance of props e.g. bolsters, folded blankets, blocks, straps to support & hold our bodies in stillness, and a felt sense of safety. So that we are able to gently relax, release & let go into that support. Resulting in deep REST.

Poses are also designed to passively but effectively open the front, side and back body as we drape our bodies over the props.

As we trust the support of the props beneath us and relax into them we let go of tightness, tension and any lingering stress response in the body.

Letting us drop into a place where we feel simultaneously calm, aware, quiet, at peace, still and In need of absolutely nothing.

We call this place ‘Resting in Being’.

It’s a deliciously spacious place to be!

Join me on this restful afternoon to pause and to make space for any meaningful intentions to naturally arise, planting those seeds of intention for the year ahead.

It’s going to be a good year, I can feel it in my bones.

Remembering rested ground is fertile ground 🌱

We would love to see you there!


Come rest yourself for yourself!

NB All props are provided but please do bring with you 2 x blankets and a cushion for your extra comfort. 

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