Somatics workshop- The Myth of Ageing
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Somatics workshop- The Myth of Ageing

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Saturday 29th June 12:30 - 3:30pm
The myth of ageing workshop  is a beginner/introduction series which consists of gentle but powerful movements that keep and maintain any suppleness in our bodies as well as improving your ability to move and increase range of movement you have.
This workshop also highlights and physically shows all students that ageing is a myth- if we look after our bodies, our muscular system and our nervous system, we can move and walk freely and easily at any age of our life.
Somatic movement is for everybody of all ages and abilities and is specifically for those who do struggle to move pain free so can aide anyone who is injured, restricted in their movement, has poor balance, has restricted breathing abilities or suffers with ongoing or intermittent muscular pain.
If pain has led to you being reluctant to move too much or exercise then this workshop can help restore your confidence in being able to move as well as providing you a toolbox of movements that can gently lead you back in to a gentle exercise regime.
You will be encouraged to explore your ability to move, whilst lying down so you don’t have to contend with gravity which means you can rest when required and also provides you with a space that allows you to focus on just yourself and not what your neighbour can do. This is very important for sensing your own body and soma and growing the internal awareness of what it is like to move properly.
Over the course of 3 hours you will notice an improvement in your body and transform the way in which you use it.

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