Tai Chi  -  The Journey of Awakening
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Tai Chi - The Journey of Awakening

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A TAI CHI workshop with Graeme Waterfield

Sunday 27th October 

1:30 - 4pm

At Planet Yoga


Tai Chi for many people is a beautiful, relaxing and flowing set of movements, which can help reduce stress, increase core strength and promote flexibility in the body.

However just like Yoga, Tai Chi can be seen as simply a physical practice for health and well-being, or can be taken much deeper, when combined with meditation and Chi Gung practices, Tai Chi then becomes a spiritual art form.Designed not only to promote positive physical health but also emotional stability, energy awareness and even spiritual growth and understanding.

This is the first workshop I will be offering to take people into the depths of what Tai Chi practice actually is meant to be. Meaning a practice of physical movement, standing Chi Gung and meditations to help us heal, becoming happier and more present beings, living more fulfilling lives.

During this workshop you will be introduced to stage one of the Tai Chi long form, the Golden Light Chi Gung and 2 internal energy meditation practices that are designed to raise the vibration of your physical, emotional and psychological bodies.

This workshop will serve as a great introduction for anyone who is new to tai chi and as a deepening for those already practicing.

Places are limited to 15. 

I look forward to you joining me.


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