Upgrade Your Life- An Introduction to Chakra Balancing
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Upgrade Your Life- An Introduction to Chakra Balancing

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A workshop with Keely O'Keefe

Saturday 2nd February 1-4pm 

Upgrade your life is a series of workshops designed to fast track and upgrade your health, your ability to heal, to love and to attain happiness from within. The variety of workshops will enable you to take control of your life, your relationships, your emotions, your health, your mind, your body and soul in the most empowering yet balancing way. I will help you connect with your true authentic happy self and raise your vibration.

Join Keely on Saturday 2nd February  as we part-take in a 3 hour workshop that will take you through the 7 Chakras, where they are in your body, how they effect you mentally, emotionally & physically, how to unblock them, how to stay balanced and how to protect your energy. On the day your Chakras will be opened and balanced using crystal healing.

Please bring a notepad, pen, cushion and small blanket with you on the day. 

Love and Light to you all