Yin Yang Yoga Workshop
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Yin Yang Yoga Workshop

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A yoga workshop with Kayleigh Woolvine
This 3 hour workshop places emphasis on cultivating opposites- Yin and Yang.
Suitable for all levels, it will help you learn about yin and yang yoga and energies as well as chi, the life force and how it can be stimulated. It will give you the opportunity to experience the effects on a physical, mental and emotional level whilst practicing the techniques and poses. 
The workshop will consist of the following:
* Theory and talk on yin and yang, discussing energy/ meridian channels and how to cultivate greater harmony and balance in your body and mind.
* Both energising and calming pranayama techniques (breathing exercises)
* Guided meditation 
* A dynamic and playful flow sequence to re-awaken stagnated energy in our bodies 
* Short break with tea and fruits.
* Deep relaxation as we embody stillness and surrender in yin practices.